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February 2011
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Chad Prather Presented by SBL Entertainment

A humanitarian throwing wicked punchlines. A musician whose songs trigger laughter and inspire wisdom. A “modern-day Will Rogers.” A self-confessed lover of slapstick who reflects on the state of the world from the driver’s seat of his truck on social media. A proud Texan and patriotic American whose role models include George Carlin, Robin Williams, and Bill Hicks. A comedian who only rarely has set foot in comedy clubs and yet has made millions laugh on social media, on TV and on theater stages.

“Ultimately I want to be a unifier,” he insists. “People want to pigeonhole me because I wear cowboy boots and a cowboy hat and I talk with a twang. Half the population believes one way and the other half another way but I think everyone, regardless of political stance, can relate to the things I say. I don’t apologize for that, — actually, I believe I can help heal some of our disagreements. We are, after all, the United States of America. I’m about building up, not tearing down.”